Adonai Arts Academy

Adonai Arts Academy’s mission is to provide affordable artistic training to others with a focus on using one’s gifts to create for the Lord. Not only does Adonai provide music, art, and dance lessons, but they also provide a save space for students to grow their talents for God’s kingdom.

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Group and private lessons are available in many areas which include: piano, drums, vocals, guitar, theory & composition, painting/drawing, ballet, tap, and many more! To see how you can help Adonai Arts Academy, donate below, or check out Adonai’s beautiful website.

Adonai Arts Academy launched Adonai Theatre in August 2021. Their inaugural production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, premiered in April 2022 to big audiences and wild applause. Their second production, an original Sherlock Holmes mystery play, premiere November 2022 to even bigger audiences.

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