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Team Kenya Outreach (TKO) is focusing this year’s support on the New Scent Centre International in Kenya, rescuing girls from sexual abuse and sex trafficking all while raising awareness concerning gender-based violence. Join us in supporting New Scent Centre!

Read more about New Scent here.
You can donate specifically to New Scent Centre, or to TKO in general.

TKO is still the majority supporter of the Poultry Project on the Hope Farm, providing sustainable animal and egg protein to the food-desert community in Lodwar, Kenya. Click here to donate and SPONSOR A CHICKEN. If you would like to sponsor a chicken as a “gift” to a loved one, download this PDF to print it out give it as a present!

Since 2014, the 510 Foundation has sent numerous teams to Kenya to combat the oppression of gender-based violence. Through a partnership with Strategic Applications International, Servant Forge, and the Church of the Nazarene, teams have accomplished a wide range of projects:

Partnered with the Lodwar Church of the Nazarene to build a community center, church building, and the Hope Farm, which is one of our dearest and most successful projects. On the Hope Farm, we are working on the Poultry Project to further help the local community.

five Kenyan women with watermelons at a farm

Established Wings of Hope center at Lodwar Church of the Nazarene, where women and children can escape gender-based violence and are empowered with shared community and practical skills, including sewing and IT. Donate to Wings of Hope here.

Worked alongside Africa Nazarene University to train students, pastors, and church leaders in relational holiness.

Counseled leaders of the SEMA Campaign to speak out against gender-based violence.

Taught Waldorf educators at the Kakuma Refugee Camp and worked alongside their teachers to impact thousands of children.

Supported the efforts of Flora Mwakali with New Scent Centre International and the rescue of nearly 100 young girls from human trafficking in Talla, Kenya. Praise God!

Provided medical training for hospitals in both Lodwar and the Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Kenya Gender-Based Violence Partnership Project