510 Foundation | Cheryl’s List
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Cheryl’s List

Cheryl’s List is making a huge impact in Middle Tennessee through the collection and distribution of furniture and housewares for the purpose of providing this assistance to those in need or individuals who are transitioning from homelessness to housing.

Cheryl’s List Mission

At Cheryl’s List our mission is to help turn empty rooms into homes by providing furniture and household items to people in need. The idea came from watching people give and receive in a NFCN Sunday school class. The name Cheryl’s List honors a beautiful Christian and member of that class who, though battling cancer, made lists to meet needs and organize deliveries. 

Cheryl’s List Today

Cheryl’s List began picking up and delivering furniture in 2014 using our own vehicles, a rented storage unit, and personal garages.

Today, Cheryl’s List is an all-volunteer division of the 510 Foundation with a small warehouse, a box truck, and a track record of having picked up from over 960 households, delivering to over 815 households, and having raised over $106,000 for new beds.

We currently partner with over 25 agencies in Davidson County in an effort to help the recently homeless get a new start. 

Cheryl’s List needs your help. You can be a volunteer. You can donate gently used furniture. Or, you can give money to help with warehouse expenses or to buy new beds.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
Make a tax-deductible donation.
Make a difference.