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Cheryl’s List

Turn Rooms into Homes


Cheryl’s List is making a huge impact in Middle Tennessee through the

collection and distribution of furniture and housewares for the purpose

of providing this assistance to those who are needy or are

transitioning from homelessness to housing.

History of Cheryl’s List

Eddie Hales and Michael Gray, are the founders of Cheryl’s List, whose mission it is to provide furniture and household items for people in need. Whether it is an entire living room set or some dishware, Cheryl’s List turns empty houses into homes, serving our local community with a servant’s heart.

In June of 2013, a homeless couple showed up to Eddie Hales’ Sunday school class, looking to get married and begin their lives together as husband and wife in a proper home. The church found a wonderful ministry opportunity in helping the young couple to find everything they needed to realize this dream. Eddie’s wife Cheryl, who was suffering from terminal cancer at the time, made lists of everything the couple needed and coordinated the pick-up and delivery of all the furniture and household goods.

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After Cheryl’s passing, the ministry continued at the encouragement of co-founder Michael Gray, and in honor of Eddie’s wife, was given the name, “Cheryl’s List.” Michael and Eddie quickly formed an official 501(c)3 non-profit, and now work in conjunction with local organizations including Operation Stand Down, Mental Health Co-Op, Street Works, and the Department of Children’s Services.

What makes Cheryl’s List unique from other non-profits in the area? They are fulfilling the demand to literally turn houses into homes, not just empty spaces that put a roof over someone’s head. “While organizations like Habitat for Humanity will build a house, we help turn that empty house into a home,” says Eddie. “A lot of these people don’t have cars, trucks or jobs, so they start out with an empty house and have nothing in it – that’s where we come in. We aren’t just providing furniture and household items, but hope for a brighter future and a fresh start.”

Currently, the non-profit charity has helped more than 100 individuals in need, giving away an excess of 15,000 pieces of bedding alone. Since their inception, they have noticed the alarming rates of people in need, and have consistently and humbly strived to serve the community. “It is not about accolades or praise,” says Eddie. “It is our mission to help others in our local community. We expect nothing in return.”

To make a contribution of furniture or housewares, or to

inquire about receiving assistance, contact:

Michael Gray, Director