510 Foundation | Connect ~ Serve ~ Equip
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Connecting – Serving – Equipping

Mission Statement

510 Foundation exists to support faith-based, educational, and community development organizations in Nashville and
around the world over the long term, through the legacy of generous gift- givers and grantors, for the purpose of
serving others, including some of the most vulnerable, to change the trajectory of their lives.

Vision Statement

We are a local, non-profit organization with global impact, joining communities for the purpose of impacting the
critical issues of poverty, personal development, and injustice.510 Foundation strengthens the community by providing
opportunities for the transformation of individuals through both traditional and unconventional methods.

Core Values Commitment

510 Foundation values integrity, diversity, respect, and the work of transformation in a person’s life.
The impact we make, and the excellent and compassionate ways we do it reflect these values through the
diverse collaborations focused on making a difference within the lives of developing communities.

The 510 Foundation is making a huge impact through outreach ministries in East Nashville, Middle Tennessee, and around the globe.

Be a part of the impact by making a contribution today!

510 Woodland Street ~ Nashville, TN 37206 ~ 615-255-1289