Counseling Staff

Don Diehl, Director

Don Diehl has a dual role at Nashville First Nazarene Church.  He serves as the Executive Pastor and is also the Director of the LIFE Christian Counseling Center.  Don has been involved in leadership training and individual coaching for over 20 years through church staff leadership and corporate training.  Don holds a Masters in Christian Education and certifications as a Gallup Strengths Coach and Prepare Assessment mentor for pre-marriage and newly married couples.  He is currently taking classes in the graduate Counseling program at Trevecca Nazarene University.  

Don has served as a lead pastor, executive pastor, discipleship pastor, and youth pastor.  He also spent 4 years developing a corporate university and executive leadership training program for an assisted living management company with 51 facilities throughout the Midwest.  

Don’s personal strengths are in developing leadership qualities and mentoring individuals towards finding their best fit and reaching fulfillment in their personal and work lives.  

Don has been married to his wife, Diann since 1981 and they have two married sons: one living in the greater Nashville area and the other near Los Angeles.  Don and Diann currently have 4 grandchildren and find great joy in being Papa and GiGi.   

What is LIFE Counseling? 

The LIFE Christian Counseling Center is a network of pastors and local licensed counselors who meet with individuals, couples, or families for conversation and encouragement in areas of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and ideation, family conflict, marriage adjustment, infidelity, recovery from abuse, or substance abuse.  The goal is to give hope for the future and help each person develop skills to manage the stressors of life.   

Each licensed counselor in the LIFE CC network can meet with any individual for general life adjustment issues as well as an area of specialty that they carry through their training and practice.  LIFE CC is available for children, teens, and adults in all phases of life. 

Each counseling session is 45 minutes in length. The fee for counseling with a licensed counselor is $100 per session, however, a sliding scale of up to $50 per session is available for qualifying individuals. Payment by cash, check or credit card is required at the close of each session.

What part do pastors play in LIFE Counseling? 

The pastors in our network are available to give spiritual guidance, encouragement, and self-discovery through assessments that help the individual discover their personal areas of strength and “natural wiring”.  These assessments can help improve self-confidence and develop a positive understanding of marriage, family and work relationships.  Through conversation and prayer, our pastors can help individuals in developing the confidence to approach areas of conflict or challenge, encourage a new or renewed faith in God, and evaluate for a referral to a licensed counselor. 

Sessions with one of our pastors are 45 minutes in length with a maximum of 3 sessions.  After the third session, a pastor may refer a client to one of the professional licensed counselors.  There is no cost to the individual or family meeting with one of our pastors. 

Pre-Marriage Mentoring sessions require a minimum of 4 sessions by one of our pastors/counselors at least 2 months prior to the wedding date.  The pre-marriage counseling focuses on building a godly Covenant Marriage rather than only a marriage contract.  Evidence shows that couples who complete a pre-marriage mentoring program are 30% less likely to divorce.  They are also better equipped to step into a new marriage relationship understanding the realities of sharing life together. Pre-marriage mentoring covers a couple’s skills in the following areas:  Finances. Intimacy / Sex. Communication.  Managing Conflict. Family relationships.  Roles & Responsibilities. Partnership assessment. Etc.   

Several of our counselors and pastors are certified in the PREPARE Assessment and trained to guide a couple through conversation and exercises based on the results.  The cost of the online assessment is $35 per couple.  There are 8 sessions total for the Prepare Assessment mentoring series. The assessment also provides a one-year anniversary check-up.  For more information and instructions to get started, contact the LIFE Counseling office or Don Diehl.